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July 21, 2009 – A Special Stimulus Funding Alert entitled “Stimulus Funding Alert: New School Improvement Grant Guidance Will Likely Include the Use of a Comprehensive Intervention (as an Alternative to Charter Schools/EMO’s and Closing Down Chronically Lowest-Performing Schools) Which Could Provide the Better Opportunities for Firms Whose Products Can Fit Into the Comprehensive Intervention” was sent to subscribers. 

July 10, 2009 – A Special Stimulus Funding Alert entitled “Stimulus Funding Alert: Recently Released Draft USED Non-Regulatory Guidance on “Waiver Requests” Would Slightly Reduce the Number of Districts Identified for Improvement Which Could Operate Their Own SES Programs; However, "Freed-Up" SES Set-Asides Funds Would Create Additional Opportunities for Firms With Certain Products” was sent to subscribers. 

July 2009
June 30, 2009 – In addition to the “Special Stimulus Funding Alert: Update on IDEA Section 613 50% MOE, Which is Good News for Most Subscribers,” the Washington Update includes:

  • A recent survey by the Afterschool Alliance found a growing pent-up demand for expanded afterschool/summer school programs which have been created by the current recession.  However, one can expect big increases in use of Title I regular and stimulus funding, particularly over the last 18 months to two years to expand such programs.  Moreover, under recent changes in Title I final regulations and waivers, the number of districts allocating an increased portion of the 20 percent SES set-aside to continue such afterschool programs after stimulus funds run out should increase dramatically, creating funding streams beyond September 2011 for firms after earlier wise investments have been made using stimulus funds.
  • In a Commentary article in Education Week followed by a speech before the National Charter School Association Summit in mid-June, Secretary Duncan discussed at least four models which USED will support with School Improvement Grant funds to “turn around” chronically lowest-performing schools.  At least one model, which is likely to be used by most districts, would provide opportunities for TechMIS subscribers as in schools in restructuring would replace curriculum, provide extensive training for new and old staff and extend learning opportunities in afterschool/summer school settings.  Opportunities would also exist for firms with data-driven decision-making tools and other applications which can facilitate the above initiatives.
  • A new policy brief published by the Center on Education Policy confirms the largest increase ever in Federal funds for school improvement as we predicted last year, while pointing out different conditions in the use of funds under the two major funding sources, this could result in different implementation schedules among states and the availability of funding streams after September 2011.

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