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TURNKEY specializes in K-12 education niche market research and consulting.  Through ongoing surveys of state education
agencies and work with more than 1,200 local school
districts as well as studies of emerging markets for
technology and supplemental products, TURNKEY has developed unique, in-depth market information on special education, Title I, and ARRA funding opportunities.
Syndicated surveys address the PreK-2, Title I, and
special education niches.  TURNKEY staff has direct
access to high-level state and large school district policy makers for accurate, reliable information at low costs. 
Niche market specialties include:

  • Prek-early childhood
  • Title I and extended learning
  • Special education
  • E-Rate discounts and refunds
  • State “comp ed” funding
  • English as a second language
  • State Technology Grants

Niche markets represent more than 50% of education supplemental materials, software and related
purchases today!

The 2006 TURNKEY Survey of Technology Use in Special Education and Marketing Guide is available.  See highlights.

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