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Most TURNKEY clients subscribe to our customized
Technology Monitoring and Information
Service (TechMIS)

TechMIS subscribers receive Washington Updates and
Special Reports (20-30 per year), focusing on:

  • Analyses of USED guidance on ARRA stimulus funds and evolving state implementation regulations on specific opportunities:
    • IDEA Section 613 “freed up” money
    • SES flexibilities through waivers
    • School Improvement Grants
  • Funding allocations/purchasing cycles
  • Analyses of legislation and regulations, and implications
  • E-Rate funding and “refunds”
  • Prepublication reports and “fugitive literature”
  • Monitoring of national conferences
  • Lists of school/districts with increased Federal $
    (e.g., Title I, ARRA)

State Profile Updates include:

  • State technology funding initiatives
  • State-level purchasing and licenses
  • State technology policies and plans
  • Targeted sales opportunities and approaches

Clients use TechMIS to develop individual state/district sales strategies and to position products for multi-source purchasing.  Subscribers receive pre-paid on-call consultation.

Please check this list of recent TechMIS issues for further information on the service.

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