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Founded in 1969, Education TURNKEY Systems, Inc. (TURNKEY) has provided technology-related services to more than 1,200 local education agencies and every state education agency in the nation.  More than 800 state policy makers have been assisted in planning and funding technology use.  TURNKEY has also conducted surveys, research, and evaluation projects for the U.S. Department of Education and Labor, as well as for Congress.  Building on this experience, in 1982 TURNKEY expanded its market research and information services to education software and supplemental materials publishers, and telecommunications/hardware companies.

Education TURNKEY Systems…

“…the real leader in the accountability movement,”
— Phi Delta Kappan

Cited as leading industry market research firm in
Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and U.S. News and World Report.

“Our four decades of experience assisting school districts, state departments of education, and Federal agencies in the use of technology in education is now being shared with our software/multimedia publisher and hardware clients.  And we’re proud of their success,”
— Charles Blaschke, President of Education TURNKEY Systems, Inc.

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